Snapchat nudes: A discussion regarding sexting and corresponding issues

If you suddenly ask a person about sexting, such as sending snapchat nudes then he or she will probably answer that if you do not want anyone to see those photos, then you should not have sent them to anyone. The advice though can be considered to be good, but a strict practice of abstinence is not something the young people would be a fan of. Hence some protections need to be taken in order to ensure that the sexting can go on without any person falling victim to any kind of sexist prank or such other blackmailing activity.
It is inevitable that majority of the people would set, just as people will not stop if they are told not to have se and maintain celibacy. It is never completely safe to send the nude pictures on the social media accounts. However just as you take precaution and protection during sex, similar thing needs to be employed here too.
If you are seriously worried about your snapchat porn going viral, then you should make efforts to ensure that people do not recognize you right at the first glance. You should definitely keep your face away and also hide parts of your body having the tattoos as well as other such marks.
Snapchat nudes
After you have taken your semi-nude racy picture, you should strive towards blanking out your face completely. Blurring the face is not going to help it. There is software which can be used to reverse the blur effect easily and bring back the normal picture.
Even if you think that technology in the present times cannot change the blurred effect, but a time may come when the software would be able to do so in a jiffy. You have to understand that at that point your embarrassment regarding the dirty kik would be greater.