Heat up with the kiln dried logs

Lekto wood fuels are a great a fine collection of different logs and wood fuels. They are the best and less chemically structured, designed to suit your style and have the ease of life with lot of warmth. The different varieties of logs can be used at a very cheap cost and a good service.

Lekto Hardwood heat logs are very nicely packed and kept to make it very handy to use. We provide a 10kg packaging and all of them are properly compactly packed to save space. Thus, this wood logs become very space efficient. The log is around 90mm in diameter and are 270 mm long. This makes the log really great and efficient in the use.

The logs are suitable for open fires, wood burners, stoves, boilers, cassette fires and BBQs. So, you can use them as you like it. They can burn smokeless and can be very efficient if you desire for quick warmth. They can last long and can be used but you need to keep a check on them every time. The room will become warm and cosy for you in an instance. This is best if there is just one source of heat in your house.

The heat logs are eco-friendly and create very less amount of smoke. They can create no pollution effects so this is the best kiln dried logs to use it in the place of no pollution. Not just the pollution the left-over ashes can be used as fertilisers so you are actually using the whole thing and getting the best profit and benefit from this. Not just it is pollution free our packaging is done very compact. The design and structure are very nice and can be stored for a long amount of time. Not just the storage but the maintenance is quite easy.