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Cyber Security Strategies for Business

File Sharing Cyber Risks
Sharing files between a work and home computer is the most ordinary kind of transferring malware infected files. This normally done by USB. Sharing forwarded email messages (from friends) or images or slide shows (as attachments) is also a source for malware (viruses) dispersing into company computers. Company owners need to set up blue coat system (antivirus) which scan USBs when they’re plug in right into a USB port as well as scan e-mails for malicious links and attachments…

Apple Device Myth
“Apple device do not get viruses,” is a myth that many apple adoring individuals (entrepreneurs) hold. This myth keep people away from buying anti virus for mac(apple device). Macs, iPhones and iPads are in danger of being infected by viruses and distributing them to other devices that use other os (operating systems) such as Windows, Android, Ubuntu, Linux… The device with other os can subsequently be infected by malware hosted by apple device even if this malware doesn’t cause difficulties on apple device, it’s going to cause difficulties on the other os established device. There are anti virus for mac to safeguard apple device. And you can find internet security (antivirus) protection permits that may be use on multiple os (operating systems) i.e. Used on windows PC, iOS based apple laptop (iMac) and android smart phone… Internet marketing entrepreneurs are needed to make use of apple device to submit their merchandises to apple i.e. iBooks, magazines on iTunes. Program programmers are additionally needed to work with apple computers to submit their apps to apple. So these entrepreneurs need to safeguard their apple device in order to safeguard their intellectual property from cyber dangers (malware and hacking).
Autoresponder Hacked
Company owners (entrepreneurs) who do internet marketing or online marketing use autoresponders to send a number of e-mails to possibility with all the intention to turn them to clients. Cyber criminals use cyber risks strategies like phishing to infect computers with spyware or key loggers in order to steal usernames and passwords of autoresponders.